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Type of concrete anchors in plumbing system

  • Drop-in anchors: Drop-in anchors are anchors that have threads internally. The installation of these anchors is done overhead and then they are flush along with the surface 0f the concrete. These anchors are used to manufacture fixtures such as lighting fixtures, handrails, and many other fixtures. These anchors require a setting tool for their installation.
  • Hammer drive pin anchors: In comparison with other concrete anchors, these types of anchors are used for many lighter loads. A hammer is hit on the head of the drive pin. This hitting causes an expansion in the base which is inside the masonry material which eventually creates a tight hold. To reduce the sewer lining cost, this anchor is used in burst water pipe denver co by denver drain cleaning companies.
  • Lag Shield expansion owners: As the name suggests, these anchors are shielded expansion anchors which are used to keep the lag screws at their place. These anchors expand outwards as the lag screws are inserted into them. The expansion presses the surface in the opposite direction and creates a strong tight hold. These anchors have very accurate internal threading which allows the lag bolt to move and spin easily.
  • Plastic toggle anchors: Plastic toggle anchors are used in cinder blocks or hollow walls for creating a fastening point for sheet metal screws. These anchors have two legs-like structures that get collapsed when they are inserted into pre-drilled holes and when a screw is inserted into them they get to expand. After the full expansion of the legs, the anchor gets fixed at that position.
  • Toggle Wing Hollow Wall Anchors: Toggle wing anchors are used when the installation is done through the material. The anchor wing is firstly bent in the half and then it is pushed through the material. Once it gets inserted, then the material gets to expand and the position of the anchor is lock by drilling the screws into the hole.
  • Wedge anchors: Concrete masonry wedge anchors are used for the purpose of anchor and security material and equipment to solid concrete masonry surfaces. These anchors consist of a nut, anchor, and washer. It is used to fasten the concrete to materials, concretes, motors, generators, pumps, struts, pipes, wood, and plastics.
  • Sammy screws: Sammy screws are used along with the threaded rods. It saves time by drilling it into the masonry materials. These screws can be installed in both ways vertically and horizontally. Due to their flexibility, lower costs and ease to use, these anchors are very commonly used.

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